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May 14, 2013
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Minecraft:Mob Talker Girls Ep1

I don’t quite remember what happen, heck I don’t even know who I am. For some reason Steve seems right, I don’t know why but it just does. But what I do remember is waking up on a beach, I was awoken by a chicken pecking my face. Little bastard. After shooing it away, I stood up on the beach and looked at my surroundings. I was on a island maybe, a huge Island. I could see a forest, a grass land, and a snow biome. I am sure there are more biomes on this place. I started walking over to the grass land, because I saw a little pond of fresh water. I know enough to not drink the ocean water. I made my way over to the pond, quickly plopping my head into the water to get as much as I could to drink. I was so thirsty, I didn’t mind the water getting into my ear; Though I regretted it later. When I finished drinking and cleaning my ears out, I heard a noise coming from behind him. It was a moo. I turned around and staring me in the face, was a cow. “What is a cow doing on this island?” I wondered to myself. I started hear more mooing, I looked around and I saw a big herd of cows. How did these cows get here, it didn’t make sense. I started to look around more and saw there was more animals. Sheep, Chickens, and pigs. Wherever I am, this place sure is weird.
I started to make my way over to the forest, I saw some trees that had fallen down. For some reason I had the idea to start making a crafting bench and tools. I guess I will need to do that, if I want to live long that is. When I made my way to the forest, I heard a bark, it nearly made me jump out of my skin. It was a wolf that had barked at me, I was shaking in fear now. This wolf was going to eat me up for lunch. However, the wolf didn’t. He didn’t look like any wolves I seen at zoos, or on TV, he actually looked pretty sweet. When I try to pet him, he just took off into the woods. Shame, I needed someone to keep me company.
I started to work on the bench and tools. I was able to find some stone to help make a stone axe to help me cut down these trees, also a stone shovel. I have no idea where I got these skills to build all this stuff from, Maybe I was a carpenter? I also made a wooden sword with what I had left. Yeah a wooden sword, what the hell is going to be scared of that. When I was finished, I knew it was took to start looking for shelter. I just had a gut feeling this place gets even more fucked up at nights.
I decided to continue through the forest, at least I would be able to hide if something was to come after me. I looked up at the sky, it was only noon. Well it better be safe than sorry, I really need to start working on at least building a fort. So I started to cut down more trees with my axe. I gather the wood and started to work.
After about four hours I was able to create a small fort. It had four walls, a door and ceilings. I was able to get some wool off of some sheeps to get a bed together. Well it seemed like I was ready for my first night here. Just in time too, it was getting dark. I made my way into my home and try to go to sleep. Outside my door I could hear strange noises, hissings and moaning. “Please don’t let them find me.” Is what I keep repeating in my head over and over. To my luck, nothing did.
I awoke the next morning to see I was in one piece. I knew this house wouldn’t be able to protect me forever, so maybe I should start adding on. When I exited the fort, I heard yet another strange noise. It was a “SSSSS” type sound, followed by some giggling. I looked up on my roof and saw a girl. She looked to be no older than 20. She had long red hair, a green hoodie with some strange design on it, brown gloves and green shoes. You know to come to think about it, I think that hoodie is all she is wearing to cover herself up. I mean it was big enough to cover her up below, and she had it zipped up enough to cover her breast. She looked up me from my rooftop, she had a big smile on her face. She was really cute, I couldn’t help myself from blushing at that. She noticed it and giggled. She hops off my roof and stands in front of me. “Hello Stranger!.” She said, her voice was kinda loud. She started to skip around me, kind made me dizzy. I wanted to say hello back, but I was gazed at her cuteness whenever she skipped around. All I managed to say was. “H..h…h…h.” smooth Steve, very smooth. She giggled again and got closer. “Was that a stick of TNT sticking out of her hoodie?” I wondered. “What’s your name?” She asked, she titled her head, damn it stop being cute. “Steve.” I actually was able to say my name, I felt like I accomplished something huge. She grabbed my hand and started to shake it like crazy, she had a grip on her. “Hello Steve, I’m Cupa, Cupa the Creeper.” She said proudly. All what was going through my mind at that moment was. “What in the world is a Creeper?” I had to know, so might as well be forward about it. “What is a Creeper?” I asked. She smiled proudly as she told me what a creeper was. “Mister, all you got to know is that there are two types of Creepers around here, and they both love to blow shit up.” She said.
“There is me and than there are the monsters, you better watch out for them. I like to blow shit up, but only when I need to, they are just assholes and will blow up anything whenever.”
Apart from her, these Creepers sound like a nightmare just waiting to happen. Maybe I should started looking for something better than a wooden sword to protect myself?
Cupa looks at a watch on her wrist and than back at me. “Well Steve I better get going.” She said.
“I got plans with my friends, it was nice meeting you.”
She started to head off in a different director, I quickly ran in front of her. “Cupa, I don’t think I will be able to mange living out here by myself.” I told her, which is true, dealing with monster is something I never thought I had to do. She looked at me like I was a sad puppy or something. She smiles and grabs my hand, once again my face turns into a tomato of blush. “You can come stay with me and my friends for awhile.” She said, happily. Before I could think her, she started to dragged me along. As she did that, I started to think to myself. “Did I do something smart, or have I made the biggest mistake of my life?”

To Be Continued
Yup it’s a minecraft Fan Fic here, and not just any Fan fic, but one of The Mob Talker mod and the Mob talker girls. I decided to make this a POV type series because I wanted to try something different. Hope you like it.
I also want you to image this as not a blocky world like the game is, but more like how an anime would be.

Mob talker & Cupa Belong to AT2

Steve belongs to Mojang

Cupa: [link]

Steve: [link]
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not bad story
DementedRaccoonus Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013   Writer
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there will be more.
MrPwner911 Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Do you have the game by chance?
DementedRaccoonus Featured By Owner May 15, 2013   Writer
I don't own it, but I have played it on the PC and X-box360 before on my cousin's account
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