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March 27


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Khronic return

Polybius had gathered all his ghouls together, preparing for his attack on the werewolf village. With Lushun help the two of them were able to create a large army of ghouls, tricking a lot of warriors and villagers from other villages and species was easy. The ghouls are willing to do as their master commanded, no matter what the cost. With them basically being mindless, if the ghouls get stabbed, an arm cut off or anything without damaging the brain the ghouls will continue to fight.
Polybius is hoping before the battle will begin, Lucien will listen to his father Lushun and jump sides. Polybius will unlock Lucien’s inner strength, just for him to take over Lucien’s body. Fuyu’s body has been useful, but Lucien’s would make him unstoppable. Lushun was hoping Lucien would come by now, but it seems it might have to happen at the village.
As they both feel that their ghoul army is strong and will be dominated. Lushun feels that they need just a little more power. He tells his master of his old partner, Khronic. How powerful he was and how destructive he can be. He did tell him he was the one who killed him and might be super pissed if they bring him back to life, but he can be very helpful in their cause. Polybius like the idea of more muscle from his army, so they went search for Khronic’s grave; Which Lushun has heard word around where it could be.

It didn’t take long for them to find the grave of the giant rouge werewolf. “He may be weaker than I, but he has his uses.” Lushun said, kicking some of the dirt on Khronic’s grave. Polybius puts his hand out, which both are glowing purple. Polybius gets down on his knees and places his hand over the grave. The purple ore on his hand goes deep into the ground. Once all of it was gone, he stands back. “He better be useful.” Polybius said, glaring at Lushun. Lushun smirks and nods. “Even if he is just a distraction.” Lushun went on.  
“Just the fear of me and him back will strike fear into a lot of them.”
The ground starts to shake around the grave; Thunder and lightning begins to form in the sky. Soon a bolt of lightning strikes the ground, opening up the grave. A skeleton hand reaches out of the ground, making Lushun and Polybius stand back. The rotting corpse of Khronic crawls out of the grave, roaring as he does. Soon his organs, muscles, and skin start to slowly ground back onto his body.
Soon Khronic was back to the way he was before his death; only thing is now he has a “P” scar on his forehead. Khronic tries to catch his breath; it’s been awhile since he has actually breathed. He looks over and sees his former partner and friend. The giant werewolf begins to growl under his breathe. “I may have not been able to find you in hell.” He said bringing his claws out.
“But Now I can get my revenge!”
Before he could charge at Lushun, Polybius snaps his finger and it shocks Khronic. He roars in pain and drops to his knees. Lushun begins to laugh at Khronic’s pain. “You fool; you may be alive but not your free will.”  He mocked. Khronic grunts as he looks up at Lushun, than over at Polybius. “You have a lot to be informed on Khronic.” Polybius said. Khronic doesn’t know if he should be happy that he is alive again, or upset that he no longer has free will; along with working with Lushun again.

The End

Both monsters are back to life.

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Khronic, betray them and before dying again put a baby in a random woman >:3
JennissyCooper Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
Ooooh something tells me Khronic could betray them both for not being freeeeee... o3o
DementedRaccoonus Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014   Writer
o3o maaaaybeee
JennissyCooper Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
Oooooh eeeeeeeeeeh! o3o
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